First times: PupOut London

First times: PupOut London

First thing first, for those who don't know: London's PupOut is an event happening once a month in The Big Smoke. It consists of pups (and/or not) coming together for an afternoon/evening of fun and possibility to be ourselves.

Now, the first time I have ever worn my pup mask in public, was during the 2022 Milan Pride event, so to say that I'm not exactly used to express myself from that point of view in the public, would be a big understatement. But sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone to enjoy life a little bit. isn't that right?
Well, coming to live near London with my partner, we didn't know that many people participating in the pup community, but that changed during a session of shopping at Regulation for a chastity cage.
While there, three pups and a handler stormed a place and soon enough I've seen Bayard, Hero, another pup which I really cannot remember the name (which is really a shame, pup, if you're reading this, I'm sorry) and Hero's handler. I got curious and asked them if you could walk out in the masks (something that if I knew, I would never leave the mask at home when coming to London).
The chat was wonderful and we even shot a couple of selfies as well (which I won't publish because I looked horrible in those pictures). Soon enough I found out that there is a pup event called "PupOut". Of course by the time I finished talking to them they told me that the even was now over which I was really bummed about. but there was always a next time.

Skip forward towards 10th of December. I've been looking forward to this day and monitoring for any changes, train strikes and everything that could go wrong. Fortunately none of it happened so me and Fed got into the train and went to London.
I normally hate traveling by train because of my social anxiety, and that day the feeling was much much heavier than any other time, but I survived.
Soon enough me and Fed got in front of the pub that hosted the event for the afternoon, The Trinity Bell, and I have to say that if the pub was absolutely fancy, the pups (and not) that I got to know, were even better.

When me and Fed got into the pub, we both kinda just stood there. I got changed and we didn't really know what to do. Fortunately Bayard recognised both of us and we started the chatter right away. I grabbed a cider, started to talk to the pups a bit more and then we got all called for the game of "pass the parcel"! All the pups got all around the circle and we started to play.
The game was absolutely fun and after some time the pups that wanted, went for walkies(I was obviously going with them)!

not all of us pups that were at the party are here but the image shows a bunch of pups and handlers at the park

We went to the park, shot some photos and I had another occasion to speak to other pups (Also hug Thunder, the fluffy pup with the blue fursuit) which was an absolute delight! I never hugged somebody with a fursuit before!
After some chatter with the other pups and handlers we went back towards the pub, howling and barking and I felt like I finally found a place I belonged. I know that it isn't much said from a single person but I personally needed this kind of event. I used to walk the streets feeling alone but now it's very much different! I feel like I'm not alone anymore and I have a community that I share something with!
Once back at the pub, me and few other pups decided to invade the ball pit, chat another bit and I got more hugs!

During the final couple of hours of the event or so I spent time with a couple of pups which me and Fed decided to take them with us and go to eat some pizza at Zia Lucia's. After some more kinky shopping in london, it was time to wrap things around and grab the train.

That definitely was an absolute experience which not only I didn't know I needed, but didn't know I will crave it for the next times it will come again. I definitely look forward to the next PupOut, and until then, I'll be howling at the moon trying to not miss you all, even though impossible.

Thanks again for the PupOut London event organizers for the amazing day of fun, love, many friends that I've made there and also for the permission to use the photos in the article.

(also, if you read this and want your link, picture removed, please let me know at
I take privacy seriously and don't want to put anybody in danger)

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